Vertebral Body Tether is a fusionless surgical tethering of the spine that realigns the child’s spine and stops the spinal curvature from progressing. Tethering is best suited for scoliosis patients who have curves between 20 and 50 degrees where the risk of curvature progression beyond 50 degrees is high. This surgery corrects the spinal curvature while maintaining the spine’s mobility which allows the child’s spine to continue to grow and function properly.

How does vertebral body tethering work?

During surgery, rather than using stiff metal rods, The Tether system uses a strong, flexible cord to pull on the outside of a scoliosis curve to straighten the spine. This cord is attached or tethered to the spinal vertebrae on one side of the spinal column. The surgeon will apply tension to the cord to partially straighten the patient’s spine. After surgery, the cord continues to straighten the spine while the patient grows.

When can the patient return to school and sports?

Most children return to full activity after six to eight weeks and are allowed to participate in competitive sports. There are no major restrictions on sports or activities.